How to Make a Paper Pinwheel Craft

How to Make a Paper Pinwheel Craft

If you’re wondering how to make a paper pinwheel craft, read this article. The process is quick, simple, and versatile. Here are some helpful tips:


Using a template is a great way to create a pinwheel. You can draw a template on a piece of paper, print it out, or transfer it onto a blank piece of paper. Start by drawing a square on the paper. Next, use a straight pin to poke through each corner, about an inch from the center. Continue this process until you have eight different tips. Now you can glue the tips onto the pinwheel.

You can also use a bendy straw for this project. You want to make sure that the bendy part fits through the center hole in the paper. Next, cut four 1″ slits on the ends of the straw. Make sure the straw ends are stopped so that the paper pinwheel won’t slide off the straw. These simple instructions should make a great paper pinwheel craft for kids. They make a fun decoration for summer and can be kept near a window box.


If you’re looking for a simple craft for kids, then try making an easy paper pinwheel. This craft will help your child learn how to fold and decorate paper. You can decorate the pinwheels by using stickers or any type of embellishment. You can also string them on garlands. If you have kids, try giving them the option of decorating the pinwheels with ribbon or colored string. Make sure to follow all directions carefully so that the finished project will look good.

First, cut out a small dowel or other thin material and place it into your work area. Cut the dowel or straw into the desired length. Next, place a straight pin through the middle of the dowel or straw. Do not fold the pin; instead, insert it at a slight upward angle. Once it’s through, use a needle-nose pliers to bed the pin downward. After that, pull the pinwheel out and add glue to the pinwheel hole.


Paper pinwheels are easy to make with scrapbook paper and a few simple supplies. Paper straws and dowels can also be used, as can buttons or embellishments. These pinwheels are perfect for decorating jars or adding whimsy to a kids’ room. Once they’ve completed their pinwheels, you can add them to any home or office space! The possibilities are endless!

The craft can be adapted for many occasions, from birthdays and baby showers to brunch buffets and wedding receptions. Kids love to spin around the craft, and it’s easy to make pinwheels out of paper of any type. They’re a great fidget spinner, and you can use them to teach STEM concepts and more. Regardless of age or ability, pinwheels are the perfect craft for any occasion.


To create a quick and easy paper pinwheel craft, gather all the supplies and follow the steps below. To create a paper pinwheel, start by lining up the corners. Next, fold the corners to the center and poke the pin through them. Be careful not to bend or fold the paper. Once the corners are aligned, you can use a straight pin to poke them through. After the pin is through, rotate the pinwheel by swishing the pin.

Cut the paper according to the template provided. The paper should have a texture, but it doesn’t have to be rough. The thinner the paper, the faster it will spin. If you don’t have any beads, you can use a paper plate or wooden dowel with a straight pin instead. This is an easy way to make a paper pinwheel without mess. The process takes less than a minute and involves minimal materials.

Easy to make

Paper and cardstock are both great materials for an easy to make paper pinwheel craft. To make a paper pinwheel, print a template on A4 or letter size paper. Start folding the paper in an accordion-style and fold the four corner points inward half-way. After folding, glue the center area of the pinwheel. Allow the glue to dry for 24 hours. You should have 8 tips on each pinwheel.

A paper pinwheel template is a great way to create a two-sided pinwheel. Use decorative paper and cut a square six inches square. Cut 4 triangles from the paper, leaving 0.25” uncut before the center cross mark. Glue the squares together with hot glue. Once the pinwheels are dry, add a small bit of glitter to the center cross. Let them dry before displaying them.

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