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This is an unprecedented time in education. In schools. In learning. Educators all over the world are having to reimagine what learning could be – what it should be – given our world’s current circumstances. Our leadership efforts are likely shrouded in clouds of confusion, doubt, and genuine wondering about what are the right things to do to support student learning.

At a time when students have more freedom and choice and power over the what, when, where, how, and with whom they learn, are your students taking an active part in all that is now possible? Are, we designers and leaders of learning, creating conditions for this to happen?

It’s time to rethink how we allow students to connect to experts for deeper learning, to network with those who share their passions, and deeply engage in conversations and collaborations that allow them to better understand each other and their world. It’s possible for your students to fall in love with learning.

During your 6-week Change School experience, you’ll have the same opportunity your students now have. You’ll connect with experts, network with others who share your passions, and engage in conversations and collaborations. Simply stated, you’ll fall in love with learning again. We promise.

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