“C” is for Coping

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Stat of the Day: 77% of 14 to 29 year olds said they or someone close to them had suffered from mental health issues.


And the #1 issue for that age group? School shootings.

thinking of all the supposed “C” skills that we’re supposed to develop
in our students, it’s arguable that “coping” may now be the most
important. As much so as creativity, curiosity, collaboration, or any of
the others. If are kids cannot cope with the realities of the day, none
of those others will flourish.

It begs all sorts of questions for educators and schools.

are we adding to their stress? What current practices might ease their
burden? (Think ending early morning sleep deprivation, taking the “high
stakes” off the test, or giving them more opportunities to move their
bodies and quiet their minds.)

we explicit in teaching kids coping strategies? Do they learn them
implicitly from the cultures that we create in our schools? Do the
adults model them purposefully?

we building capacity in our communities to support and nurture and care
for our kids? Are we honoring the fears of our children every day?

As with everything else in life, this is a choice. Right now, most schools choose rigor and competition and immobility.

We have healthier options.

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