A Full Contact Sport

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Here’s your “Sunday Snip:”

“It is impressive, on one level, that we spend billions of dollars and innumerable hours creating this perfect, practice-based environment in which children’s abilities to sit still in classrooms are honed. Furthermore, we have built a reward structure to praise those students who can sit in classrooms better than anyone else. We let them run our planet. However, given that this model is economically running economies into the ground and obesity is a global epidemic, it may be time to collectively build and reward different skills. Learning is a full contact sport. To learn something new, a student has to do something new and often be somewhere new…

Rather than viewing and treating students who want to do something new as troublemakers who need to be fixed, we should recognize that they will be the engines of improvements in our standard of living. Point of fact, they always have been.”

~Clark Aldrich, Unschooling Rules

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